Foam Over Cotton Swabs with Wooden Stick

New Type Foam Over Cotton Tip Swab with wooden stick FS720 is designed to maximize the characteristics of cotton. Available in 100% cotton or cotton/polyurethane foam. These swabs are bonded securely to a wooden shaft/stick by an aqueous-based adhesive. The shaft also can be made of Plastic.

Foam Over Cotton Swabs with Wooden Stick

Due to manual measurement, there is 0.1-1 mm error are reasonable.

Part Number Head Width Head Thickness Head Length Handle Width Handle Thickness Handle Length Total Length
FCS720Wooden 8.8mm 8mm 24.50mm 2.2mm 2.2mm 126.5mm 151mm
(0.346″) (0.315″) (0.965″) (0.087″) (0.087″) (4.980″) (5.945″)


100 Swabs/Bag
50 Bags/Case

According to the client’s request, change way of packaging is available.


• Environmental sampling

• Application of lubricants and ointments

• Removal of lubricants and ointments

• Cleaning with solvents such as IPA or acetone

Features & Benefits     

• Good sorbency for easy surface clean-up

• Foam-wrapped cotton tip provides improved sorption capacity over cotton alone

• Long hardwood handles provides excellent heat resistance

• Excellent chemical and heat resistance properties

• Autoclavable in dry heat and steam Sterile swabs available upon


• Aerospace

• Automotive

• Food Manufacturing

• Nutraceuticals


Foam Over Cotton Swabs with Wooden Stick