Large Rectangular Head Foam Cleaning Swab FS707

Item Model:       FS707
Tip Material:       100 ppi closed-cell polyurethane foam
Handle Material:       100% virgin polypropylene plastic
Head Width:      16 mm(0.630″)
Head Thickness:       10mm(0.394″)
Head Length:       25 mm(0.984″)
Handle Width:       7 mm(0.276″)
Handle Thickness:       2.8mm(0.110″)
Handle Length:        104 mm(4.094″)
Total Length:       129 mm(5.079″)

Large Rectangular Head Foam Cleaning Swab FS707

Cleaning foam swabs FS707 features a large rectangular foam tip head, green plastic handle. Most used in printer cleaning.

Its high quality 100ppi closed-cell polyurethane foam head possesses excellent solvent-holding capacity and durability.

A rigid internal paddle provides firm support and allow for more aggressive cleaning. The large polypropylene handle provides good control and ease of use.

Handle Colors

Green, White


50 Swabs/Bag, 50 Bags/Case, Customization is allowed.