MEDITECH Custom Engineered Foam Swabs for Critical Environments

Cleanroom foam swabs

As a professional cleanroom and industrial swabs manufacturer, Meditech has the capability to produce customized clean room swabs for specific applications with a wide selection of swab sizes, handles, and materials.

Meditech foam swabs offer a variety of foam swab applicators, foam swabs, and cleaning tools to support numerous industrial and manufacturing swab sampling applications.

  • Precision manufacturing ensures our swabs eliminate contamination and provide consistent cleanliness
  • Available with 100 PPIZ reticulated polyurethane open cell foam heads which promotes wicking and particle entrapment
  • Samples of our foam swab products are available at no-charge upon request
  • Solvent resistant specialty urethane material
  • Economical general purpose usage
  • Laundered and double bagged for critical applications
  • Custom sizes are available

MEDITECH Custom Engineered Foam Swabs for Critical Environments

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