Why do I need anti-static foam swab clean?

Anti-static foam swab significance

Static electricity can lead to serious problems in the industry, electronic manufacturing, data storage, printing, packaging, pharmaceutical and textile industries are recognized by the static problems, they are seeking remedial measures

Electrostatic charges can be a huge problem for small, sensitive electronic devices. Some devices may be damaged or destroyed

According to the ESD Association estimates, 25% of all electronic equipment damaged for unknown reasons can be attributed to the electrostatic damage and ESD damage of the electronics industry to $ 5 billion per year.
Once the electronic device is exposed to an ESD event, the circuit of the device may be permanently damaged, causing the equipment to malfunction.

Another problem is that dust or contaminants can also be attracted to the surface and products of your equipment by static electricity. Dust and other contaminants can affect product quality and productivity, which is not allowed.

In the production process, in order to reduce the loss must use anti-static foam swab for cleaning. Meditech is a professional manufacturer of foam swabs, the production of anti-static foam swab, has been in the field of optoelectronics, microelectronics and other static-sensitive industries have been widely used

Anti-static foam swab

Anti-static foam swab



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