Anti-Static Foam Swabs for PCB/BGA Cleaning

After soldering the BGA, PCB board, there is always a lot of dirt, flux and finger tips on the PCB board. Use Anti-Static Foam Swabs is a good choice for PCB, BGA Cleaning.

PCB/BGA Cleaning Swabs

Designed and manufactured in a clean room environment to stop following contaminants: Silicone, Amides, DOP.
Low in both particles and Ion content ,it also can be used with 99.9% industry IPA.

Meditech PCB/BGA Cleaning swabs are compatible with most common solvents, like IPA alcohol, acetone.

Made in China. Factory Direct Sale, we will offer you a competitive price.

Product Shows:

PCB/BGA Cleaning FS712
PCB/BGA Cleaning

PCB/BGA Cleaning Swabs FS750
PCB/BGA Cleaning

PCB/BGA Cleaning Swabs FS742
PCB/BGA Cleaning

PCB Cleaning Swabs, BGA Cleaning Swabs,PCB Swabs, BGA Swabs

PCB/BGA Cleaning Swabs
PCB/BGA Cleaning

We recommend you use above foam swabs Cleaning BGA/PCB Board After Soldering. And you can also choose other Cleanroom foam swabs here.