Gun q-tips lint-free cleaning swabs

About our gun cleaning swab

Gun foam swabs are reusable and replace cotton swabs.
Fiber free,lint-free, does not shed or leave lint behind.
Perfect for cleaning and lubricating hard to reach places.
Available in a variety of shapes, sizes and packages.
Economical, washable and reusable.
Made in the China.

Gun q-tips lint-free cleaning  swabs

Meditech Gun q-tips lint-free cleaning  swab is designed to clean every corner and crack of the gun. Gun cleaning stick is a reusable foam sponge swab that replaces the cotton swab to clean all the action areas of the gun! These are the cleaning products for all gun lovers.

Meditech Gun cleaning swab is a lint-free, reusable foam swab. A wide range of head sizes cotton, it can be used to clean slide, rails, trigger assembly, crowns and other places difficult to reach. Plastic handles can be bent and won’t break or chip like wooden sticks.

gun cleaning swab