Cleaning Validation Swabs

Cleaning Validation Swabs

As direct factory in China, we manufacture high quality TOC cleaning validation swabs with laundered knitted polyester heads in good price. Samples is free.

Cleaning Validation Swabs Features:

  • Meditech Cleaning Validation Swabs feature cleanroom laundered knitted polyester heads for particle generation and extractable levels. The continuous filament polyester heads are thermally molded onto polypropylene handles, eliminating the need for contaminating adhesives. All perimeter edges are sealed to prevent fiber release. Suitable for validation sampling.

Cleaning Validation Swabs Application:

  • The long flexible handle Swab with its small head size enables entry into hard to reach places.
  • For sampling of larger areas, the Large Head Swab has a larger head on a rigid handle. Its large internal head paddle provides firm support for sampling broad surfaces and flat areas.
  • The Cleaning Validation Swabs are also suitable for sampling surfaces for TOC analysis and other pharmaceutical cleaning validation methods. Both Cleaning Validation swabs are autoclavable for sterile sampling requirements.