Microfiber Swabs

Cleanroom Microfiber Swabs

Meditech factory supply cleanroom microfiber swabs, microfiber cleaning swabs in good price in China. Our microfiber swabs sample is free.

Cleanroom Microfiber Swabs, Microfiber Cleaning Swabs Features & Applications:

  • Lint and residue free
  • Soft non-abrasive tip
  • Can be used with IPA : Acetone : or other solvents
  • Low in NVR’s
  • Used for applying adhesives or other fluids
  • Removing residues and particulates
  • Fiber optics component manufacturing
  • Critical environment cleaning swab
  • Made in China
We can also create a custom microfiber cleaning swab for your specific applications. Just contact us for some samples or product details now!