ESD Safe Swabs

ESD Safe Swabs

As a esd swabs professional manufacturer in China, Meditech factory supply ESD safe foam swabs, ESD polyester swabs, and ESD microfiber swabs in good price. Engineered to eliminate damage from electrostatic static discharge, ESD safe swabs have special antistatic handles that render them suitable for use in cleanrooms and other static-sensitive environments.

ESD safe swabs Applications:

  • Microelectronics
  • Semiconductor
  • Medical device
  • HDD
  • other electronics assembly applications that require a cleanroom laundered swab with anti-static properties that consistently test for low lint and surface residues

ESD safe swabs Benefits:

  • Reduced risk of scratching
  • ESD control without contaminating carbon or metal loading
  • No blooming ionic antistats
  • No contaminating coatings, dyes or colorants
  • Performance is not impacted by humidity
  • Safely dissipates charges in under two seconds
  • Precision molded for consistent sizing

Note: All cleanroom swabs can be made into esd safe swabs.

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