Small Cleanroom Knitted Polyester Swabs PS743

Item Model:       PS743
Tip Material:       knitted polyester
Handle Material:       100% virgin polypropylene plastic
Head Width:      3.8 mm(0.150″)
Head Thickness:       3.6 mm(0.142″)
Head Length:       12.5 mm(0.492″)
Handle Width:       2.9 mm(0.114″)
Handle Thickness:       2.9 mm(0.114″)
Handle Length:        57 mm(2.244″)
Total Length:       69.5 mm(2.736″)

Small Polyester Cleanroom Swab for cleaning small areas PS743

The Small Polyester Cleanroom Swab PS743 is an excellent swab for cleaning grooved, slotted, and recessed areas. Its laundered, knitted polyester head is extremely clean. The double-layer construction makes the swab highly absorbent.

A rigid handle and internal rigid head provide firm support and precise control.

Head Shape

Spatula Shaped

Handle Colors

Green, White


50 Swabs/Bag, 50 Bags/Case, Customization is allowed.