Small Flexible Tip Microfiber Swabs MS759

Item Model:       MS759
Tip Material:      Microfiber
Handle Material:       100% virgin polypropylene plastic
Head Width:      3.5 mm(0.138″)
Head Thickness:       2.5 mm(0.098″)
Head Length:       10 mm(0.394″)
Handle Width:       2.4mm(0.094″)
Handle Thickness:       2.4mm(0.094″)
Handle Length:        59 mm(2.323″)
Total Length:       69 mm(2.717″)

Micro Microfiber Swab for cleaning very small grooved, slotted and recessed areas MS759

The Small Polyester Cleanroom Swab MS759 is an excellent general-purpose swab and the small tip is ideal for cleaning small areas, surfaces and recesses. Its laundered, Micro Fiber Polyester head is extremely clean. The double-layer construction makes the swab highly absorbent.

Head Shape

Spatula Shaped

Handle Colors

Green, White


50 Swabs/Bag, 50 Bags/Case, Customization is allowed.