Cleanroom Foam Swabs with Small Rigid Tip FS742

Item Model:       FS742
Tip Material:       100 ppi open-cell polyurethane foam
Handle Material:       100% virgin polypropylene plastic
Head Width:      3.8 mm(0.150″)
Head Thickness:       3.5 mm(0.138″)
Head Length:       12.5 mm(0.492″)
Handle Width:       3 mm (0.118″)
Handle Thickness:       3 mm (0.118″)
Handle Length:        56.5 mm(2.224″)
Total Length:       69 mm(2.717″)

Cleanroom Foam Swabs with Small Rigid Tip FS742

Small Open-Cell Cleanroom Foam Swab with Rigid Tip FS742 is an excellent and popular cleaning foam swab in cleaning static sensitive components.

Its high quality cleanroom-laundered 100 ppi (Z) open-cell polyurethane foam combines exceptional cleanliness with particle entrapment capability and free from organic contaminants.

A small rigid handle and rigid core provide firm support and precise control.

The Foam swab FS742 with ESD handles eliminate damage from static electricity and are effective in all humidities.

Handle Colors

Green, Grey