Texwipe alpha swab TX714A

Knitted Polyester Swab for Surface Cleaning & Sampling PS714

Large Knitted Polyester Swab PS714 makes an excellent selection for general purpose cleaning or surface sampling. The swab’s durable flat head and rigid internal paddle provide maximum surface coverage. The cleanroom-laundered, knitted head provides ultra-low NVR and ion levels.

All Cleanroom Knitted Polyester Swabs are Packaged in silicone-free and amide-free bags.

Texwipe alpha swab TX714A

Texwipe alpha swab TX714A

Applications & Industries

  • Precision cleaning of hard-to-reach areas or small spaces.
  • Applying and removing lubricants, adhesives and other solutions in a critical clean environment
  • Solvent use (such as IPA)

Surface sampling for use in cleaning validation protocols

Knitted Polyester Swab PS714  can be perfect for Texwipe alpha swab TX714A

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