Thermal Printer Cleaning Swabs

The large rectangular foam head swab FS707 is an excellent choice for cleaning on thermal print head, inkjet print head, check scanner, reader transport rollers, opto-electronic sensors, automotive parts, firearm and gun, prepared surfaces in aerospace and much more.

Foam Swab FS707 is a perfect substitute for ITW Texwipe Foam Swabs TX707A

FS707 Swab Can be divided into Closed-cell polyurethane foam swab, Open-cell polyurethane foam swab, High density polyurethane foam swab and Composite polyurethane foam swab.

From the testing solvent resistance:

Composite polyurethane foam swab > High density polyurethane foam swab > Closed-cell polyurethane foam swab > Open-cell polyurethane foam swab

FS707 Basic Info

Swab Head Material: 100 PPI closed-cell polyurethane foam

Swab Handle Material: 100% polypropylene

Handle Color: Green/White

Swab Construction: Thermally sealed and attached

ISO Class: Class 100 Cleanroom